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Band Manager Pro Fan Base Management

Band Manager Pro

Professional Software for the Entertainment Industry 

Band Manager Pro is user-friendly database software that offers powerful utilities at an affordable price. Great for solo artists, indie bands, and even full time managers.

Book More Gigs

Utilize contact info for thousands of music venues and clubs.
Manage scheduling with easy to use calendar tools.
Generate performace contracts with the click of a button.

Manage Your Fanbase

Geo-target your fans and automatically send emails when you are performing near them.
Send scheduled email blasts.
Map your fans and schedule performance locations more effectively.
Obtain fan contacts with the email kiosk utility.
Track street team members and target recruiting areas.

Promote Your Band

Spider through Myspace and friend people automatically.
Browse listings for radio and media contacts worldwide.
Create press kits and press releases.
Set reminders for media contact followups.
Create promotion strategies for your shows manage promoter contacts.

Expedite Your Progress

Track your online sales over time and compare profit margins with each vendor.
Manage your inventory of phyisical merchendise.
Track expenses and income with an easy-to-use ledger.
Set reminders for media contact followups.
Set goals for your band and track your progess.
Stay organized with to do lists and promotion task lists.